Pep Talk ✊

For those of us who haven't made it yet.

Self doubt is the bane of the self-driven creator. It's knocked me down plenty of times. But I've learned to bounce back to a happy and useful mindset by giving myself pep talks. Do you want a pep talk too?

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Here's a sample of the emails I'll be sending. 👇 If you want weekly encouragement like that, I'd love to have you on the list.

From: Pep Talk
Subject: Are you comparing yourself to success stories?
Mar 1

Hey there,

Success stories are inspiring, but there's a catch: your brain automatically compares you to that story and judges you on it. Thanks, Brain!

That judgement is BS of course. It's distorted by survivorship bias, negativity bias, and other cognitive biases. Brain doesn't care, it just does it automatically.

But you can choose a better perspective to override it:

Comparing your pre-success story to someone's post-success story is as ridiculous as it sounds!

Instead, compare yourself to what they were doing before they made it:
Trying, Failing, Learning, Growing. If you're doing that, you're on the path to your own success story.